Yoga Can Bring Calm to the Treatment of Breast Cancer

YogaA study finds that women report less stress and more relaxed after the sessions of yoga. Yoga can improve the emotional health of patients with breast cancer, a new U.S. study. UU.

“Due to the high levels of stress and distress that many women with breast cancer experience, the opportunity to experience less stress and more peace in the midst of breast cancer is a significant benefit,” he said in a press release from the university lead researcher Suzanne Danhauer, Faculty of Medicine of Wake Forest University.

The study involved 44 women with breast cancer. About a third of them was undergoing cancer treatment during the study, and the others had completed their treatment. Half were enrolled in a yoga program, and half to a waiting list for the program.

Women in the yoga group took a restorative yoga, a more passive and gentle yoga that uses props such as pillows and blankets, with a duration of 75 minutes. At the beginning and end of the study, both groups of women completed questionnaires to assess quality of life.

After 10 weeks of class, yoga participants showed significant improvements in mental health areas such as depression, positive emotions and spirituality (a feeling of tranquility and peace), that women who were on the waiting list to start the yoga program. The yoga group reported, on average, a 50 percent reduction in symptoms of depression and a 12 percent increase in feelings of peace and harmony. The yoga participants also reported less fatigue than the others, the study found.

The results, according Danhauer points’ are very promising, since it will allow us to conduct a larger study, published in a special issue dedicated to physical activity from 24 February Psycho-Oncology.

“Evidence of systematic reviews of randomized trials that mind-body therapies improved mood, quality of life and treatment-related symptoms in cancer patients is quite strong,” said Danhauer. “Yoga is a mind-body therapy that is widely available at relatively reasonable costs.