Wireless Headsets: The Cure for Back Pain?

When you seek out ways to treat and prevent back pain, you probably turn to chairs, mattresses, shoes—anything related to your back and posture. Chances are that you didn’t realize that switching to a wireless headset can actually help ease and prevent your back pain, but it can!

The typical office worker spends anywhere from 25 to 40 hours each week in a static sitting position. This type of situation causes quite a bit of back and neck pain, so offices are clearly looking for ways to save their employees from suffering—and from taking sick days. One study showed that in the United Kingdom, $10 billion was lost annually by sick time taken due to back pain or related illnesses.

One way to prevent backache is to utilize a wireless headset. Headsets have been worn as far back as the ’50s, when telephone operators wore them during their daily tasks. And they’re not just good for keeping yourself hands-free. According to a Santa Clara Valley Medical Study, wireless headsets can help reduce shoulder tension, upper back pain, and neck pain by up to 41%. That’s a whole lot less pain to experience—and this sort of impact can be made for anyone that uses the phone and computer at the same time for just two hours each day.

When you use the phone and computer at the same time without the benefit of a wireless headset, you’re forced to squeeze the phone between your chin and neck, which could lead to structural tissue damage. The end result is often chronic neck and back pain. Wireless headsets give you the chance to talk and type while keeping your spine aligned, preventing future backaches.

It’s our opinion that every office worker who routinely uses computers and telephones simultaneously should be required to wear a wireless headset in order to prevent pain. What are your thoughts?