Why You Should Treat Your Erectile Dysfunction With a Penile Vacuum

There are different treatments methods for erectile dysfunction and perhaps the use of the penile vacuum has developed to be one of the most popular of the methods. This is because, the vacuum therapy uses mechanical ways of creating an erection of the penis and has no side effects compared to other forms of ED treatments such as surgical implants, use of medications and injections.

The vacuuming therapy is cheap, affordable and therefore, a preferred method of achieving sexual performance in men. With the penis pump, the penis is placed in a vacuum cylinder and this creates pressure, which makes blood flow into the penis cavernosa chambers. The blood then makes the penis to become rigid and thus an erection is achieved. It is important to understand that the penis does not erection through contraction of muscles tissues and therefore, the penis rigidity or an erection comes through accumulation of blood into the cavernosa chambers.

If the blood is not able to flow and be contained in these chambers, then the man does not erect. With the erectile dysfunction pump, a mechanical application is used in making blood flow into the penis and with the use of an elastic ring support placed at the back of the penis; the blood is prevented from flowing out. This creates the erection, which makes a person perform sexual activity. The vacuum therapy can be applied as often as an individual desires.