What to Order at a Restaurant if I’m on a Diet?


Did you just start your diet and you were invited to a dinner you can not refuse ? Well do not go into crisis, much less think about ending your diet, here I’ll give you a few tips for you to enjoy your food without problems properly choosing foods you can eat if you’re dieting .

The secret to keeping our shape at all times is to know what foods we gain weight and what help keep us well. For that we need to know some basic things like that do not we mix proteins and carbohydrates in one meal and potatoes with rice or noodles, bread or tamales, because this will immediately gain weight, add sugar or eating desserts.

Another clever way to avoid breaking the diet is asking for the lighter dishes on the menu, like salad (cooked or raw), grilled meat, boiled potatoes or rice and no sauce, as the latter contain high levels of fat by the oil and other condiments they receive.

Eating Out
The first thing to do, if we know that we eat out is to prepare and fill our stomachs with some healthy foods and low in fat and calories. You can eat an apple , a boiled egg, a glass of nonfat yogurt or a glass of fruit smoothie 30 minutes before lunch. The amount of water that enters your stomach will keep you occupied and is certain that for lunch you do not have much appetite.

The next step is to ask for light meals such as salads and grilled dishes with almost no fat. But in the case of salads, see that they are lighter vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and some chicken, make sure you also ask that you bring to the table dressings for midas yourself the amount of oil that will place . Remember to ask the dressing of lemon and olive oil , which is much healthier and less fat and calories than those delicious but unhealthy sauces.

If it is cooked salads, avoid at all times beets because they contain a significant amount of sugar and carrots, but if you can, ask to reduce the amount of these in your portion.

Should not have salads, soups requests as soups (which are not noodles) or gazpacho during the summer.
Another option is to ask the meat more light to the plate , in this case can be fish, chicken or beef, but specific cuts such as tenderloin and rib (Rib-eye), the rump steak (London broil) and chest which are the parts that have less fat.

What you should never eat (at least in a restaurant) are sausages, dried meats, pork and duck. In general, as I said before, it’s always healthier to order something grilled, steamed, grilled or poached a fried dish, broaster or pot.

Finally, enjoy every bite eating as slowly as you can , only then allow your brain enough time to process that you have eaten and are full.

We often think that being a Japanese restaurant, all is light or light, but in any cuisine you eat high-fat dishes. So we must look at the ingredients of each dish before ordering, so we can suggest some changes, like removing and replacing it with other ingredients.

Calls beverages that are low calorie , a frozen lemonade or iced tea with sweetener is a good option if it is hot, if the weather is cold, the best option is an infusion. If you feel like eating dessert, try to be healthy and natural ingredients such as fruit salad. If winter, you can opt for a cake without cream and share with a friend halfway around this.

One trick I often use for not eating too much when I’m on a diet low in fat is to eat half . And do not think the food waste, after sharing my plate to my friends (there’s always someone who wants to try something that did not request or a friend with “good appetite” or reserve the remainder for dinner or lunch the next day. It is a good option if it is a main dish such as pasta or important native food, but if you order a salad, eat it all.

If I’m in a Italian restaurant that usually ask for a caprese salad, but with little mozzarella, if I go to a cebichería, I ask a fish tiradito always good and it’s not like acid or a classic ceviche octopus olive. Finally, if we go to dinner at a Japanese restaurant, sushi or sashimi is any good.