What is yellow fever?

Yellow Fever

In the early days of World Cup in South Africa, a lot of talk about yellow fever. As usual, health blogs want to try to help you all to understand more about this disease which, according to official figures from the WHO, causes about 30,000 deaths each year.

Yellow fever is a disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes, including Aedes aegypti (also responsible for the bleeding), which causes every year approximately 30,000 deaths per year worldwide, according to data published on the website of World Health Organization (WHO).

This disease affects people living in tropical regions of Africa and Latin America, according to the official website of the WHO, adding that vaccination is the most important preventive measures against yellow fever.

On the subject of vaccines, and health, as already mentioned this blog, it is valid to mention sanitation resolution imposed by the South African authorities as part of IBM’s early World Cup in that country.

tourism should provide a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever upon arrival in South Africa, reports the WHO African Region web site, adding that does not meet these requirements may be refused entry into the country. The same thing should prove to be vaccinated at least 10 days before the start of this journey through it, Africa was published anywhere.

It is important to explain that this vaccination is mandatory for those who travel from areas affected by yellow fever, either staying there or have been in transit through the territories, according to WHO’s web site Africa.

According to the Chilean Health Ministry website, the vaccine is contraindicated in pregnant women, children under one year, more than 60 years and in those who suffer from some form of immunosuppressive diseases.