What is Lymphoma

Lymphoma Cancer

Lymphoma: a cancer unknown

Largely unknown to the general public, lymphomas are a group of cancers of the lymphatic system. Striking each year over 11 000 French, they are classified by type of cancer cells and their rate of evolution in particular. Discover the key to these diseases.

Cancer of the lymphatic system

The lymphoma affects each year 11 000 French and is responsible for more than 5 000 deaths. This cancer of the lymphatic system comes in two forms: the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Hodgkin’s disease. Most of these diseases unknown.

Lymphomas in figures

France was diagnosed in 11 000 new cases of lymphoma each year. Lymphomas represent order frequency of cancers 6th place. Some figures can better understand the reality of this cancer failed.

The treatment of lymphoma

There are several treatments against lymphoma by type of cancer, its stage of advancement of the overall health of the patient … Each case is unique. The point with Professor Gilles Salles Service of Hematology, CHU de Lyon.

Marrow: multiple indications

Marrow transplants can treat cancer and bring real hope, when the conventional assumption is insufficiently effective. Different methods are used to reconstitute the bone marrow of a patient.