Weight Up and Down


Have a friend with a few extra pounds can make you gain weight too … Why? Because both shared habits, tastes and excesses …

But before you think to put a stop to this relationship, note that the friendship between you can lead a good thing: if they decide to be dieting and exercising together, weight loss will be much easier!

A recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, found that as with many other habits, social environment contributes directly to the development of overweight and obesity. To put it another way, being chubby is “contagious.”

Figures do not lie: the risk of obesity increases by almost 60% when a friend is a dramatic increase in weight. But note the following: the specialists say that the “contagion effect was greater when people were of the same sex, but not when they were close without friendship.

The reasons for the “contagion”

“This means, for example, that a person will not gain weight because your neighbor is overweight, but weight will increase when one of his closest friends, with whom it shares time, habits, tastes and exit-do” explained the study’s authors.

The experts add that the perception one has of himself and in this case, their physical, has much to do with what he sees in others. For example, “a person who has several friends who are overweight see themselves as thinner and therefore may tend to be neglected.”

Another theory offered to weight gain “contagious” is that “you choose your friends agree with certain issues in common. One of them could be, for example, lack of interest in physical activity, a key tool for maintain weight. ”

The positive side of friendship

The experts admitted that while the results of this experiment are not very encouraging for those who have friends “fat”, the important thing is to take advantage of the relationship between these two factors.

“No need to look at the glass half empty. If we believe that friendship can make gaining weight a person can quietly find a solution that relationship to the problem.’s Not forget that it is always easier to do things two with a friend or family member. ”

Asked by Pro-Health News regarding obesity contagious, Dr. Alberto Cormillot, nutritionist, director of the Argentine Institute of Food and Nutrition (Iaan) and the Bachelor of Nutrition Isalud Foundation, said that “the willingness genetic influences 30 to 40 percent when we consider the possibility that a person will develop overweight, while the environment does the rest. There come into play not only friends but also the activities carried out and those not so as well as the type of food you eat.