Visit Strax Rejuvenation Centre to Look and Feel Young

Looking attractive and youthful is the mantra of the people all across the globe and the related health and beauty industry worth billions of dollars these days, just for the reason that people are just pouring in numbers in the related centres to look their best. Strax Rejuvenation is a place where one can find all kinds of cosmetic procedures that enhance the beauty and youth of both men and women. The centre employs a staff of qualified, professional physicians who are experts in their fields. Dr Hamm is a plastic surgeon with more than twenty years of experience within his field. Dr Fisher is trained in plastic and reconstructive surgery with complete certification from the Florida and California board of medicine as well as the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The surgical procedures offered at the Strax Rejuvenation centre include facelifts, breast lifts, breast augmentation, breast reduction, buttock lifts and hair transplants.

All the surgical procedures practised here are done under the trained and highly skilled eyes of medical professionals who have spent over half of their lives dedicated to these medical procedures. Most surgical procedures are performed to help the patient feel better about their appearance. Removing areas of sagging skin from the face or other regions on the body can dramatically improve the patient’s sense of self-worth. This is also true when patients undergo the hair transplant procedure. In addition to the surgical removal of skin, the trained physicians at this centre can also use liposuction as a means of toning up regions that have too much fat. This procedure is less invasive than traditional surgery and is used to remove fat from various areas on the body. Some of the more common areas where fat is sucked from include the stomach, upper arms, thighs and buttocks.

The Smartlipo procedure used at this clinic is performed using a laser to dissolve the deposits of fat from inside the cells. This process also stimulates natural collagen production within the body, which helps tissues heal faster. There are other non-invasive procedures offered at the Strax Rejuvenation clinic, which include the administering of Botox injections. This method is used to help people get rid of the lines and wrinkles instantly, which appear on the face. Non-invasive procedures are also used to help treat cases of acne as well as get rid of the unsightly scars this condition often leaves behind. Cosmetic treatments for the skin include various types of dermabrasion, which is designed to remove the surface skin cells while stimulating new cell growth beneath the tissue.