Veneer Treatment

Veneer TreatmentA bright natural smile fascinated. One need not be model to the professional and private life through beautiful teeth positive complement his outward appearance.

In color and shape become unsightly teeth, especially in the anterior region, can be restored with veneers. the cosmetic dentistry veneer are thin shells of ceramic or porcelain that are applied with special cement on the front of the tooth. You are in contrast to conventional restorations, a tooth-saving method in which the tooth must be ground only slightly. Veneers are natural looking tooth veneers is connected, but must be replaced after five to ten years.

Veneers are a prerequisite for healthy teeth to get a respectable “facade”. The veneers are suitable for the correction of small misalignments of the front teeth (missing teeth, long necks of the teeth), discoloration, strong enforcement with fillings and other minor dental defects. The use of veneers is considered scientifically recognized method of restoration of teeth, even if not all dental insurance to pay the full treatment.

The composite with plastic and ceramic particles, which are also offered for some years to have the veneers that look natural in the light ahead. After the dental consultation, was discussed in the goal of the Veneers treatment, examines the teeth and under certain circumstances made an X-ray of the jaw and teeth. Approximately half a millimeter is removed from the tooth substance in relation to the thickness of the veneers. In some cases a local anesthetic is carried out.

Drawn from the dental impression to be constructed in the dental laboratory, cosmetic dentistry veneers. When they are about one to two weeks to arrive at the dentist, consider this as a first step, color and fit, before the veneers are firmly attached to the tooth. The tooth color can be influenced by the color of the special cement yet.

With special light, the chemical substances are cured, evaluated the bite and made minor corrections if necessary. It can be used in parallel multiple veneers. An advantage is the biological compatibility of porcelain or ceramic veneers, the resilience and the natural effect. With the porcelain color dark discolored teeth can be lightened.

It should be noted that the veneers treatment can not be undone. Veneers can not be repaired after breaking up. They are, although visually appealing, a foreign body, which when subsequently all teeth whitening is not color-adjusts. Veneers are also not a good solution for unhealthy and weakened teeth, for example, receive large fillings, dar. With a piercing would shatter the veneers.

To avoid discoloration of the veneer, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of “coloring” such as coffee, tea and nicotine. A user zahnästhetischen development of this method leads to such gossamer veneers, which can no longer be ground. In consultation with the dentist, is an individual balance of aesthetic standards and the time and cost burdens to be found. The cost of this, most aesthetically motivated improvement, is not generally accepted by health insurance. Veneers can also represent a good interim solution for people who want the look of their (front) improve teeth, she immediately without having to bear with a crown.