Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian diet


Vegetarian diets are diets that eliminate all or most animal products, in particular, and especially to exclude food from dead animals.

So there are variations between different types of diets are:

* Vegan: eat only plant products.
* Lacto: consume plant products and products derived from milk
* Lacto-ovovegetarian plant products: consumption, milk and eggs.
Semi-vegetarian *: Only a diet including meat from red meat, lets include chicken or fish, dairy products, eggs and plant products.


People can follow a vegetarian diet for different reasons, creed, religion, economics, or health, but in any case must be well informed and know that offers advantages and disadvantages.

Vegetarian diets should be considered a good and balanced nutrition and components. Especially in children and adolescents who require certain essential elements for growth.

The elements may be lacking in vegetarian food is a particular protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, riboflavin, calcium, iron and other minerals.

Among the proteins normally miss a call “complete”, most commonly in meat, fish and eggs and that has all the amino acids necessary for life.

In the vegetable proteins tend to have “incomplete”, which does not have a few amino acids in sufficient quantity for development, such as cereals and pulses.

Also no need to eat animal products for protein is “incomplete” and that plants a mixture of two proteins that are incomplete or can not obtain the necessary amino acids. For example, by mixing milk with cereal, beans, rice, or cereal / pasta with cheese.

Therefore, a strict vegetarian should make certain concessions to lead a more balanced diet. With more healthy vegetarian diet of animal products (lacto and lacto-ovovegetarian).


* During the first year of life breast milk or formula is required and is a staple food.
* Children do not miss a replacement should include calcium, protein, vitamin D, riboflavin.
* If you do not eat animal foods should be given supplements of vitamin B12.
* Before age 2 should not be made without fat diet.
* To obtain an adequate intake of iron is to eat prunes, fortified cereals, raisins and spinach.