TSI Healthcare: A Modern Solution for Enhanced Patient Management

Patient management is perhaps one of major challenges in a healthcare facility. Usually, patient management may refer to managing inpatients’ admissions and overall control in the facilities. However, patient management is also needed for outpatient department. Attaining quality patient management can start by simply managing patients’ charts and records. Printed document records are difficult to manage and can be endangered of losing its accuracy. Through TSI Healthcare and its solution called Electronic Health Records, physicians and other care providers can manage patients by having a system meant specifically for keeping their records within the facility. As an organized system, this program also enhances operational efficiency necessary for healthcare establishment like hospitals and large-scale clinics.

Looking back in care facilities, physicians have their secretaries to meet patients for consultation. If a patient has a medical record, secretaries must search their files to find their records and prepare them for physician’s reference. While this filing system can be organized, searching for a patient’s record can be a daunting task. If a patient has no record, the secretary must make a new file and keep it in their records. Through EHR, secretaries can save a lot of time in looking and creating patients’ records. All they need to do is to use the computer for updating records or creating new files. The benefit of this program is it updates the records fast so they’ll have new details once the physician met the patient and access their records for reference.

On the physicians’ end, they also need to update their patients’ records as they undergo consultation. Just like in the case of secretaries, physicians also need to take note of their chief complaints manually by jotting them down on the file. Depending on their consultation frequency, patients’ files will become thicker in the long run and can be quite difficult to manage. Moreover, they also need to take note of prescribed medications since they’ll be used as reference for their next checkup or follow-up. They can organize all these notes in EHR without problems on increasing paper documents. They’ll have digital records and print them only if they’re required to do so.

While patients have their primary care provider, some instances call for undergoing a checkup with a specialist. Hence, they need referrals coming from their primary physician. They need to hand carry their referral note and records to the specialist. However, this can be time consuming while increasing the chances of lowering accuracy. EHR allows new physicians to check their medical records through the system so it’s unnecessary for them to bring their records to the next department. Physicians will be alerted with the referral and access records within the system. All the needed information will be available immediately so the next doctor will have a good overview of the patient’s condition. TSI Healthcare designed EHR specifically for care providers. Compared in the past, this solution gives way to better patient management by minimizing paperwork while minimizing the scenarios where record’s accuracy will be affected.