Tips to be Able to Concerntrate Well

concerntrate well

“Going through a stage where your most important tool is your head? In the previous article said what were the conditions that your brain needs to function at full capacity. Now we will learn how to obtain those conditions better. Do not miss these tips!

We said that the brain needs two things to be aware of: good irrigation and glucose. Also we talk about three nutrients essential for proper operation.

Splitting our food to avoid feeling sleepy after eating:
“You get to lunch and dinner with very hungry? After eating well gives you an incredible dream and impossible to concentrate? The problem is quantity.

To prevent a reduction in blood flow to the brain (go into the stomach to digest) you have to eat small amounts. What you can do is split your lunch or dinner at two. Come the parties with two hours apart, you feed him that way as well and I guarantee you will not give you sleep.

Food for neurons
Glucose is the “fuel” the brain. If you are “low fuel”, you can not pay. Never try to study on an empty stomach for many hours. If you do not touch the lunch yet, try either whole fruit or juice.

“Pica” nuts
Nuts are rich in B vitamins, and I explain how they help your mental performance. Replace junk food by a combination of raisins, hazelnuts, pecans, peanuts, apricots and plums, and eat small amounts of them while studying.

It is important to be sufficiently hydrated to be alert. Often, by sitting when you study, you feel the need to drink water and you risk dehydration. Do not forget: at least 6 glasses of pure water per day.

Correcting bad habits in one day
If for example you normally take a breakfast in flown eat biscuits mid morning (a bit to wake up, because at that time also have sleep) a great lunch at noon and then you fall asleep on the books at 2pm, then eat something not so healthy in the afternoon, and evening another great dinner and then have to fight sleep and lack of concentration in the study at night, change it to this:

  • Good breakfast with at least two types of fruit, bread and some healthy fat, like avocado or olives.
  • Mid-morning: chopped fruit with a squeeze of lemon and crackers.
  • A light lunch at 1pm you can complete at 3pm. Of late, a handful of nuts with cinnamon and mint leaves as snacks.
  • A light dinner at 7:30 pm you can complete at 9:30 or 10 pm if you plan to study until midnight.
  • try it with up to 2 cups of coffee a day.