Tips for Keeping Your Stress Controlled

stress controlled

The hypertension is a very common chronic disease in adulthood. Always keep control will prevent the subsequent discomfort, sometimes with very negative effects (or death) for our health.

To lower your blood will most likely tell us that our medical treatment that includes diet, changes in lifestyle and drugs. This will help control it, so do not think that taking pills you can ignore the diet.

Online and Form have for you healthy tips that will help you complete the treatment prescribed by your doctor so you do not go “up” the voltage:

  • Avoid being overweight . So the heart does not have to work harder.
  • Manage stress . These situations raise the tension. If it’s for something specific (a shock, an accident, etc..) Usually has no consequences. But if our life is stressful, it should try to control it with relaxation techniques and meditation. Choose the one that feels most comfortable and practice it daily.
  • Reduce salt . It is essential, because excessive consumption is a major cause of hypertension. Keep in mind that processed foods, especially frozen and refrigerated, bring most of the salt we eat.
  • Follow a healthy diet. Includes fruits and vegetables rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium, such as spinach, beets, bananas, kiwi fruit or nuts. Several studies have shown that calcium and magnesium are vasodilators, while potassium helps preliminary sodium, making them beneficial.
  • Limiting alcohol and coffee. If you eat and / or dinners with wine, you should not overdo than two drinks per day. Whereas if you are of high tension, you can take only a cup of coffee a day.
  • Exercise . It is the best method to control blood pressure. In hypertensive patients who are sedentary, we recommend brisk walking or running smoothly.
  • Stop smoking . In addition to increasing pressure, the arteries deteriorates further.
  • Use supplements . Magnesium, calcium and vitamins B6, E and C have a positive influence in the treatment of hypertension. Thus in addition to choosing foods rich in these nutrients, it is advisable to take a multivitamin that contains them.
  • Plants . The most effective when it comes to helping to lower blood pressure include: Garlic , which can take in capsules to prevent bad breath, the lime should be used when hypertension is aggravated by a stressful situation, and the barbed Scots , which is considered the sole of the heart, as it regulates and normalizes the heart rate, can be taken in tea or in capsules.