Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer

Focus on Thyroid Cancer

Since the mid-1970s, the thyroid cancer is increasing in France. There are annually more than 3 800 new cases, mostly women. What are the reasons for this development? The Chernobyl accident there a difference? Symptoms to treatment through risk factors learn about this most misunderstood cancer.

The thyroid cancer in figures

The thyroid cancer is more common, but mortality associated with it is falling. What causes this evolution? The answer is difficult to make … Find some answers.

Risk factors for cancer thyroid

Why a person will suffer from cancer of the thyroid and the other not? The medicine just a little to identify the causes of such unfairness. But some risk factors have been updated. Discover them with Prof. Jean-Louis Wemeau, president of the Research Group on the Thyroid.

What tests for thyroid?

There are many very specific tests to detect and diagnose diseases of the thyroid: clinical observation, palpation of the neck, thyroid hormone assays, imaging techniques with … The Doctissimo.

A well-controlled treatment

There are three main types of treatment of thyroid cancer: surgery, radioactive iodine, hormone therapy. But it is the surgery which is the main support. It must eradicate the tumor but also prevent cancer from spreading. The point with Prof. Jean Louis Peix Center Hospitalier Lyon Sud.