The Unmatched Three in One Power of Saridon as Shown by Studies

Saridon is a drug that is commonly used to treat headaches. It contains aspirin, paracetamol, and propyphenazone. It is also used in the treatment of menstrual discomfort, toothache, pain and fever due to colds and flu, and rheumatic and postoperative pains. One of the most common drugs used in relieving headaches is paracetamol. It is effective and lasts for a long duration. The only problem with paracetamol is that it takes a long time to kick in and bring relief to a person suffering from a serious headache. It is also said to lack when it comes to its anti-inflammatory effect. Another drug that is good in relieving pain is propyphenazone. It is much quicker than paracetamol to kick in but lasts for a shorter duration. Caffeine is known to stimulate the body and restore alertness. It is common in many analgesic drugs since it enhances their potency.

Observations made on a study of the drug

A study conducted on a group of patients experiencing dental pain sought to find out how effective the drug is in combating pain. It also sought to find out how tolerable it was to the users. The following were the results of the study.

  • 89.5% of the patients said that the drug was either good or very good in eradicating dental pain.
  • The drug was reported to bring significant pain relief within the first 15 minutes after use. It also brought considerable relief 45 minutes after it was taken.
  • Of all the patients studied, 89.5% of them said that the level of tolerability of the drug was moderate to good.
  • Within four days of usage, many patients felt the need to discontinue using the drug since it had completely gotten rid of the pain.

In the year 2002, another study was conducted to establish the dominance of the drugas an analgesic drug compared to individual drugs like aspirin, paracetamol, and ibuprofen. The study was conducted on 500 dental patients who were split into several groups and each group given a different drug. More patients in the group that were given Saridon reported their pain partly or completely gone in 30 minutes. The groups that were given paracetamol, placebo, aspirin, and ibuprofen reported that the pain was partly or completely gone in 240 minutes.