The teething period

In every baby’s life there is a period longer or shorter in which he experienced the phenomenon of teething. It is something very natural and normal and it is nothing to be scared of. Even if it might be a little of a discomfort for the child, everything goes away as soon as the tooth finds its place to spring up. This is why parents should not panic and should be as supportive as they can.

Baby teething appears to different children in different times. There is no set date and everyone develops different kinds of symptoms. There may be teeth that hurt and some they might not even feel growing. In many cases the cause can be the movements that take place in the baby’s jaw as it is developing. The children are both in a development and growing stage. Sometimes these happen in the same time and there is a certain friction involved. This is why pain occurs and the babies feel restless.

The pain stops instantly once the tooth is out. This is a good thing because the baby is very calm and happy afterwards. For strong teeth it is important that the milk and alimentation given to be rich in calcium. Normally they have a lot of supplies stored. But as the teeth grow this supply is used. Also it is recommended to go to a doctor to see if the process is going as it should.