The roles played by community health psychologists in healthcare centers

The roles played by community health psychologists in healthcare centersAs the name suggests, the job of psychologist is to assess and diagnose the needs, abilities and behaviors of individuals by implementing the use of various methods, interviews, psychometric tests as well as direct behavioral observation. In addition, a community health psychologist Los Angeles also plays these roles:

  1. Mental and behavioral health treatment: In general, a psychologist concentrates to prevent and address health disorders, tries to reduce psychological grief, and then appreciates overall psychological wellbeing of the people who are critically ill, children and adults.
  1. Healthcare and community care settings: In both rural and urban settings, the community psychologists work in schools, hospitals, counseling centers, clinics and private practices. Being the part of interdisciplinary team, the psychologists work continuously to provide low cost services of healthcare at an integrated health care setting.
  1. Treating mental disorders of people of all age groups: Mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, and neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar disease etc.; physical disorders such as diabetes and heart diseases, and addiction-related problems such as substance abuse, eating disorders and behavioral disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can be treated by the psychologists.
  1. Treating chronic illnesses: They make use of various behavioral techniques, psychotherapy, and biofeedback to improve the overall well-being among the people with dieting, exercises and medications and with strategies such as chronic pain management to reduce the critical problems.