The most formidable enemy of your body

Probably do not want to be sitting when you read the following statistic: according to a survey of 6300 people in USA, you may spend sitting about 56 hours a week looking at the monitor of the computer, driving and resting on a chair.

In Argentina, only 41% of people recognized physically active.

Even if you think you need moves you, the truth is that you spend much of the day sitting. And this custom, not killing, leading to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. These rest periods are so harmful that even have created a new area of ​​medical studies called physiology of activity, which explores the effects of our lives, more and more attached to technology and a deadly epidemis already known as “disease of the chair.”

The modern statement: be attached to the desktop.

The genes that control the development and anatomy of man, such as those controlling their metabolic disease, were adapted over millions of years of evolution to performing intense physical activad.

Physical inactivity causes numerous imbalances. Along with genetic and dietary factors, physical inactivity is a major risk factor for chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension and osteoporosis, among others.

When you sit for a long period, parts of your body start to shut down at the metabolic level. When muscles are immobile, your circulation becomes slower and burn fewer calories. The fat-burning enzymes responsible for processing the triglycerides break down. If you sit for a whole day, these fat burners reduce its activity by 50%.

Also important are the metabolic effects of stress in conjunction with a sedentary lifestyle. Adrenaline affects the muscle predisposing for intense activity, increases heart rate and blood pressure. This is a natural mechanism that prepares us for intense muscle activity such as running or fighting. The effect of the adrenaline rush, if not counteracted by physical activity aggravate the metabolic problems of inactivity.

The answer (and no, not exercise).

So if exercise alone is not the solution, what can we do?. Fortunately it’s easier than you believe, escape from the effects of being parked for so long.

Only increases thermogenesis of daily activad unrelated to exercise. That is, the energy (calories) that you use everything that is not exercise. Having sex, folding clothes, move the toes or simply stand can be the difference between having to wear a sarong or wear a bikini.

Your body is designed to stay active so when you sit and you do not do anything for a while, it shuts down and burn fewer calories. Having a constant activity throughout the day keeps your metabolism at full speed.

The mere fact of standing makes burn three times more calories than if you were sitting.

Movete little, Movete.

Sedentary interrupted as often as possible. Stand up every half hour. If you have to be sitting for longer and longer breaks tomá active and walk before sitting down again. At home is simple, limit time spent watching TV to two hours or less each day. Better yet, look at your programs from a treadmill or a bike fixed.
Do not you know that these small efforts bring results?. Being more active can make your metabolism work more in line with our nature.