The Guava is Used to Treat Diarrhe

The GuavaGuava is only the fruit, at least studied at the present, which contains 15 vitamins. Its vitamin C content is higher than in many citrus fruits because it has a ratio of almost 300 mg per 100 g of fruit. It is useful in many ailments which need a supply of vitamin C.

Guava is very important for oral and skin disorders, infections, stress and anxiety. It is equally as powerful antioxidant.

The rind is rich in tannin and very astringent. It has been used traditionally in the Far East to treat diarrhea. However, the mature fruit is excellent as strong laxative in constipation problems.

Guava relieves digestive disorders, bowel and liver. It’s a very full fruit both in vitamins, protein, trace elements and mineral salts. It strengthens the lymphatic system.

There is a red variety that contains a huge amount of vitamin A and iron B12 and more opposed to the white guava. It contains five times more vitamin C than oranges. It is a great food very suitable especially for children by food content. It stimulates the heart and is very useful for high blood pressure. Great for uric acid but prolonged intake is recommended.

Nutritional value of guava as a natural remedy and home

Guava is almost 78% water but is very high in calorie (50%). It is rich in fiber, tannic acid and vitamin A. The red variety has many more nutrients.

How to use the custard as a home remedy and natural product?

* Eat guava for a great source of vitamin C. Slice fruit in half and eat it directly. Do not overcook it could lose nearly 50% of their vitamin value.
* You can peel and add to fruit salads.
* Combine several tropical fruits.
* Add them to baked apples with a little cinnamon. The combination is very pleasing to the palate.
* Also delicious in juices, ice creams and sweets, combining well, mix well with milk, milk, yoghurt, cream to be sweet fruit.