The grapefruit diet does it help you lose weight?

The grapefruit diet does it help you lose weight?When a person is obese or just need to lose some kilos, fad diets are hard to resist when it comes to losing weight fast, but this does not mean they are healthy for our body.

The grapefruit diet has received much attention in the decades of the 70’s and 80’s as a way to lose weight fast, based on the idea that the citric contains enzymes able to burn fat more quickly and increase metabolism dieter.

But medical research has shown no clinical evidence on the grapefruit diet in that their enzymes are able to help you lose weight, but on the contrary, the liquid diet causes weight loss by cutting calories and poor nutrition.

Therefore, the grapefruit diet is another fad that promotes weight loss from malnutrition, resulting in health hazard for people who use it long term.

Healthy diets involve the reduction of calories, keeping a reasonable consumption of calories to maintain nutrition, however, the grapefruit diet drastically reduce calories, than daily spend only a few thousand to a few hundred.

The Pomelo is only about 80 calories per serving and consumption of some fruits a day leaves the body without the nutrients necessary to properly carry out their duties.

The lack of nutrition does not give the body a daily energy needs, so that a person who uses this type of diet you feel tired and can lose 3 to 5 pounds a week and usually this effect is only temporary, since the Rapid weight loss leads to overeating later and the return of the lost kilos.