The Goji and the Placebo Effect

Already in the 16th century Swiss physician Paracelsus would have described the phenomenon of the placebo, which is to cure the patient when he believes he is being treated, and what medication they receive is good or not.

Today, some nutritionists and other scientists argue that many cures attributed to the Goji is caused by a simple placebo effect. For them, these people could eat grapes or strawberries, and if they had believed as much as Goji, they would have cured the same way.

Although no formal scientific studies on the rate of consumer satisfaction Goji, those in the middle of Goji find that almost all those who eat Goji on a regular basis for several months do so because they derive sufficient benefits to health.

Many of them began to consume Goji to please a spouse or friend, while they did not believe at all in the beginning. They then admit that the health problems had been improved following the consumption of Goji.

Finally, we must admit that the Goji is nutritionally speaking much more complete than many other berries. It is the only fruit to contain the world, and this same time and in such concentrations, almost all vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids for the body. It is the fruit with the highest antioxidant properties in the world on the ORAC scale.

There is absolutely no comparison with the grapes or strawberries.

One could say, in conclusion, that if the effects of Goji from a placebo effect, then doctors should prescribe to their patients more often because the effectiveness seems superior to many drugs.