The Dukan Diet: Lose Weight without Rebound

dukan diet

Women are always looking for ways to lose weight and the first thing that comes to mind is diet. Yet we do not want to starve! do not want a diet that has me desperate, hungry and tired. In this sense, is there an ideal diet? I do not know, but is currently hovering around the world a diet that has become very popular and has more followers every day: Dukan diet.

This diet has been created by the French physician Pierre Dukan, who proposes a process for weight loss does not kill hunger, eliminating the possibility of a rebound effect , since this method makes you reach your ideal weight and, Once achieved, you can stay at that weight.

Even through the website of the Dukan diet , you can access a personalized coaching in which you measuring your progress and participating in forums and consultations with specialists working with Dukan.

So popular is this method that celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz have used, the latter to recover after pregnancy. It even says that Kate Middleton also used this diet before their marriage. Also listed here Nicole Kidman and Gisele Bundchen.

But what is the Dukan diet ? It is a process whose main protagonist proteins, at least in the first stage and at the end of the diet because they produce cells called ketones, which act as appetite suppressants because they give a feeling of fullness. It is also important oat bran, you should eat 2 tablespoons of this saved the day, the duration of the diet.

The process of Dukan diet consists of 4 stages:

1. Attack Phase
Its length will depend on how much you want to lose weight . It can be from one day (if you’re losing less than 10 pounds) to 10 days (if you want to lose over 40 lbs.)
During this stage should only eat proteins for example: roast, liver, salmon, white fish, all shellfish, skinless poultry, eggs, cheese. It is forbidden pork, lamb or duck as they contain too much fat. In addition, you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day.

2. Cruise Phase
This phase is that just leads to weight . At this stage, alternating a day of pure proteins, as the previous phase, with a day of more vegetable proteins. This phase will last as long as it takes to reach your goal weight right.
The plant admitted : all leafy green (lettuce, broccoli, spinach, etc..) tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, mushrooms, celery, peppers. In moderation you can eat carrots and beets and what is prohibited are other vegetables that contain starch (potatoes, corn, peas)
During this phase it is recommended to continue taking 1.5 liters of water, eat 2 tablespoons of oat bran and also do 30 minutes of daily exercise .

3. Consolidation Phase
At this stage is not going to lose more weight, but is a phase to consolidate the lost weight , so that the body adjusts to this new weight and that there is no rebound effect. Duration: 5 days per pound lost.
This phase must include a full day of protein, as in the first phase, and can also include a celebration meal in the week, ie you can eat whatever you want this time.
This phase is added to the diet:

  • 1 serving of fruit a day, avoid bananas, cherries and dried fruit
  • Pork or ham 2 times per week
  • 2 slices of bread a day
  • 2 servings of starchy foods per week

4. Stabilization Phase
Here you can now return to your normal lifestyle , of course, always measured from the excesses . What it must be a commitment from now on is to have a shot of protein day a week and take 3 tablespoons of oat bran per day.

The specialist tells us about the Dukan diet …
It’s always good to consult a doctor before starting any diet. We consulted with the nutritionist Peruvian Ms. María Elena Cieza (CNP 3366) on their views against this popular diet:

What kind of people would not recommend doing this diet?
People could not consume kidney problems (kidney), hepatic (liver), with Gout (high uric acid) with gastritis, with cardiovascular problems or cholesterol.
What precautions or preventive measures to take if a person decides to start this diet on your own?
That they are safe if you have any health problems, which has made ​​a Biochemical Analysis (Testing Laboratory) and everything is within normal limits.

What do you recommend to someone who wants to do this diet?
That is very dependent on the changes that will occur, if there are ailments of some kind to see a doctor immediately and leave the diet.

What is your opinion against this diet? Would you recommend?
I lean more balanced and varied diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals and supervised by a professional nutritionist. Indicate only a short time to avoid the likely health consequences due to excessive consumption of protein (especially in the first phase).

I suggest that when a person wants to lose weight go to a nutritionist , which is the professional who will provide a complete diet, adequate and balanced diet supervised Unrelated to “starve.”

At the end you know that the decision to lose weight depends on you and your willpower. But remember that your health is the first thing you should care, so if you’re starting a diet, this or whatever, talk to your doctor first.