The Common Piles treatment Substance

When you experience symptoms such as hard lumps protruding the bottom, blood stains on the tissue when you have visited the toilet and occasional sharp pains up the bottom, you need to take courage and talk about it with your doctor. This helps in administering the right Piles treatment  substance. Many people have silently been suffering from piles simply because they shy off to talk openly about it.

This should not happen any more and people experiencing these kinds of symptoms should take a bold step to consult a doctor who will ascertain if they are piles symptoms. Anusol is the common piles treatment substance and comes in form of cream, ointment and suppositories. The cream is most appropriate for external application but it is also used for treating the internal piles. Depending on the extent of your piles symptoms, you will get the right Piles treatment substance.

 The ointment is also used in treating both internal and external hemorrhoids and it has small amounts of grease, which help in relieving soreness and dry skin. The suppositories are used for internal piles. If your symptoms are mainly internal such as the lumps or bulging feeling just inside the back passage and occasional sharp pain up the bottom, a cream or ointments may be used as the right Piles treatment substance. Moreover, a combination of the two can be used to help alleviate the symptoms.