The Best Wheelchair

Spanish scientists managed to create a wheelchair that can be controlled through the mind. Wheelchair users, especially persons with disabilities only have to think where they want to go, then the wheelchair will move and walk without having to use a conventional joystick.

Wheelchair that can be utilized by the disabled or people with stroke, made Dr. Javier Minguez, from the University of Zaragoza. He uses laser scanners to create three-dimensional image showing the area around where the wheelchair is located.

Such images will then appear on the screen in front of wheelchair users. The users only need to concentrate on the space or the places they’ll go according to that displayed on the screen and wheel chairs will respond and move according to user desires.

In addition to the monitor screen, the wheelchair is also equipped with a cap containing a charge electrode for detecting brain activity users. Shortly after the hat fit to the user and the brain begins to think, the wheelchair will move and move in accordance with the direction and desired goals. According to Dr. Javier, the user only takes 45 minutes to learn how to use a wheelchair these findings.