The Best Source of Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements

Pull a small seed, a tiny seed, to see it whole essence to increase your vitality, good looks and find joy in life …

This does not it of Magic?

Yet this small seed of nothing, it contains all the elements necessary for a beautiful plant or the most majestic trees.

Indeed, the seed cache, often under his hardened shell, reserves of nourishing substances: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, trace elements and minerals that will multiply, in an incredible way, in time to allow the embryo to develop.

It will take just a little water and heat to the seed gives the best of itself.

Consider this example, after 5 days of germination (data seeds may vary):

Vitamin C is increased by 600%
Vitamin A is increased by 300%
Vitamin B2 is increased 300%

Vitamin B6 is increased by 200%
Vitamin B5 is increased by 50%
Vitamin PP is increased by 25%
Vitamin B1 is increased by 20%

But that’s not all,

This process is the same with trace elements and minerals and can be found, for example, in wheat:

150% increase in magnesium
140% increase in phosphorus
60% increase in calcium

and the seeds of cress 10 times more iron than in the watercress salad.

Now imagine that this germ of an incredible wealth arrives on your plate, just at this stage of development, without having traveled several days by truck, dragged on without slack …

If, if possible to achieve and more, it’s easy and very economical.

Purchase of seeds in organic stores (from 0.90cts euros the bag) and let germinate your seeds in an empty jar that you cover with a piece of tulle covered with a rubber band.

Soak your seeds overnight in a little spring water, then in the morning, rinse thoroughly. Put the jar sloping so that water drains well. Rinse morning and evening of 2 to 4 days depending on the seeds.

Eat your seeds, preferably in the afternoon (the excess of vitamins may prevent you from sleeping) with a salad, for example.

No need of food supplements, you’ve got a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that will give you back the joy of living!