Symptoms of skin allergy

The skin allergy is a reaction caused by a substance contacting the skin and is harmful to the individual. Some types of allergies show dermatitis, eczema and urticaria. The symptoms of skin allergy can cause skin to look red, swell, that itches or burns.

The allergy in the skin are the most common conditions in the world. Usually occur because the immune system becomes hypersensitive after exposure to a substance that seems harmful. As a result, the body releases antibodies to fight too many and can create the opposite reaction to what they wanted.

After the jump you’ll learn some of the symptoms of skin allergy .

The major symptoms of allergies in the skin are hives, rashes, swelling and itching that may be accompanied by such things as skin dry. The hands, face and arms and neck are the most common places where these symptoms occur.

Hives are red bumps that are placed on the skin surface. They usually appear in small areas but can then expand. Can appear only in the face, arm or neck, but at worst can be the whole body. By nature gives very itchy hives, so the allergies with food also make them appear and can often happen before appearing skin itch or appear red zones.

It may also appear red eyes or itchy eyes or breathing problems. Some people may die from a severe allergy because they are inflamed airways so that they close completely.

If any of these symptoms, do not forget to go to the doctor immediately.