Symptoms of depression

Being depressed is more than just, forgive the repetition, feel depressed. In fact, a person can suffer from this problem without having reason to feel sad or blue.

There are many indicators that allow us to account for the depression, a disease that can affect us for many reasons. Discover what are the symptoms of depression to see if you or someone you know may be in need of help.

  • Extreme sadness. The sadness is one of the symptoms of depression more obvious and often arises without any apparent cause. A person with depression feel sad or have unexplained crying spells or not without reason.
  • Changes in appetite. When we have no desire to eat and our favorite dish or otherwise, we devoured everything we encounter along the way this is a sign of depression. Who does not cling to a bar of chocolate or sweets when you feel a little sad?
  • Anxiety. The irritability, extreme worry and anxiety are cousins of depression. In general, depression is a consequence of them.
  • Indifference and disinterest. When everything is negative and we feel that nothing matters to us, we are showing signs of depression. These feelings can be transformed into low self-esteem and guilt.
  • Low energy. The extreme tiredness and lack of energy, as if we felt empty, is why people with depression can hardly get out of bed.
  • Indecision. People with depression do not feel the security needed to make a decision.
  • Body aches. Contractures, sudden headaches, including physical discomfort are signs that the body has when we are depressed.
  • Suicidal feelings. Without a doubt, is a serious symptom. When all the symptoms mentioned above are merged, the person may experience desire for suicide.
  • If you know someone with these symptoms of depression, do not hesitate to accompany and consult with a professional.