Stress: can cause Serious Illness


Cancer. According to Luciano Sposato, codirector of the Center for Stroke Favaloro Foundation, the study does not confirm the effect of stress in this disease. But animal studies have shown that chronic stress weakens the defense and creates greater susceptibility to certain cancers. Chronic stress affects the neuroendocrine circuits by changing the system that protects against genetic mutations predisposing to certain cancers. Scientists have shown that cancer patients that stress and negative feelings less chance of recovery.

Heart attack. Chronic stress accelerate the emergence of cholesterol plaque in the arteries of the heart. A life less healthy, low physical activity, poor diet and lack of sleep could explain this relationship. acute stress situations such as traffic or death against a family member can trigger heart attacks.

Stroke. stress can be a risk factor that is not conventional. acute stress, anxious personality, can act as a trigger, trigger strokes in susceptible people. Adaptation to stressful situations can protect against the risk of poor outcome.

Depression. Scientific evidence supporting the relationship between stress and depression very much. Depression is one of the main causes of the five years of life lost, and is closely associated with risk of coronary heart disease, so the stress affect heart health. stressful situations such as feelings of loss, threat, risk, insults and abuse tends to make someone for depression. Failure to take advantage of the positive and negative experiences, combined with a genetic predisposition may facilitate such events.

Alzheimer’s disease. With life expectancy increasing, it is expected to increase case. Experiments on rats showed that the increased release of stress hormone cortisol, released by humans in similar situations. This increases the storage of substances associated with Alzheimer’s and so, therefore, might be more likely to develop disorders