Steven Lash & Satori World Medical Putting the Medical Tourism Industry Near to More People

Medical tourism is a term used to describe the ongoing trend of individuals who go to abroad to seek medical attention. Apart from referring to the patients going to other countries for medical treatment, medical tourism is also used for medical practitioners who go to abroad to render their services to people who don’t have the means to have their conditions treated. In the world, there are only 50 countries who consider it as a national industry. These countries are found in Africa and the Middle East, the Americas, Asia and Pacific, and Europe.

One of the best companies in the world in the medical tourism industry is Satori World Medical, founded by reputable business healthcare executive Steven Lash. Steven Lash founded this company in 2008 in San Diego, California and they now call it as their global headquarters. In Satori World Medical, the procedures performed include cardiac, orthopedic, plastic, spinal, weight loss, vascular, neurosurgery, respiratory, abdominal surgery, ENT, dental, and GRS (gamma ray spectrometer). Despite its relatively young age in the medical tourism market, the company has already become a global leader due to its great services. Combining the company’s outstanding and competent medical team as well as its innovative business model, it would always equal to success.

Since there are also medical tourism companies in other countries, seeking for treatment abroad cannot only be done in United States. What people has to know is that they should be careful with the company they choose since it would be very difficult for them to hold a company, from other country, liable to what happened to them. When talking about reliable company, Satori World Medical is definitely the name. Even though this company does not boast a long credential in the industry, the work it has provided to the people in the years it has been operating is quite unmatched. This company has the best people working for the company thus resulting to them providing the best services possible.

The hospitals in the medical network contracted with by Satori World Medical do not only perform their different procedures in United States. Instead, these are also being performed in Canada, Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Turkey. In Canada, it is only limited to cosmetic, reconstructive, and bariatric procedures. Satori ensures that all procedures in those countries are performed at International Centers of Excellence.

Steven Lash has certainly done a good job in establishing this company and putting them on top of the competition not just in the United States market but also in the entire world.