Sport is part of the protective eyewear

Sun, mountains, snow. A dream for every winter sports, which touches all the senses – especially the sense of sight. Yet one in three recreational athlete waives its necessary in everyday glasses. But good vision is essential for safe driving. The correct sports glasses, glasses should apply with vision, therefore, to the basic equipment includes advises the Board of Trustees good seeing.

While often a fashionable outfit and the latest boards, a “must have”, is saved in the sports glasses often. This is particularly alarming because 80 percent of all Skisturze without minority interest, are due to visual and perceptual errors. Accidents that could potentially be prevented with appropriate sport glasses.

You are the conditions on track and trail the best adapted. The lenses protect against harmful UV radiation, which is reflected by the snow many times. Special tints enhance contrast and provide even in difficult light conditions for clear vision. Due to the curvature of the disks, the glasses do not just look good, they also shield the wind and cold. Ventilation systems to keep the glass even with sweaty activity fogging. In the case of a fall sports glasses protect the eyes. They are unbreakable, flexible, and cushioned at critical points. “Models that do not meet these basic rules, there are no sports glasses, but at best sporty,” said Kerstin Kruschinski by KGS.

For glasses, the optician has several solutions at hand: it is most convenient to fit individual corrective lenses directly into the sports spectacle frame is. “So keen to see in the tails of guarantees, even in strongly curved glass,” says Kruschinski. Cheaper are sports glasses with optical inserts. In the corrective lenses are attached with a Innenclip behind the tinted glasses. So they can easily be replaced with a visual acuity change. Be) So-called OTG goggles ( “over the glasses” due to their size easily worn over the everyday glasses. This “mask goggles” shod, faster and can be inconvenient in the long run for eyeglass wearers. But as they close very tightly, they are recommended especially during bad weather.