Small Tweaks

Many women are afraid to undergo surgery that will change the face expression. In this paper, the alternatives to look better without anyone notice the passage under the knife.

The maximum is looking better and do not know why.


There are simpler surgical options, to suit different needs and the effect you want to achieve. This type of intervention from a basic concept: “do no harm.” New interventions are done less aftercare and recovery time faster. These surgeries are ambulatory and are often called “weekend surgeries.”

Looks cooler

Eyelid surgery is one of the most requested interventions. One of the newest methods is the NO TOX. It consists in the definitive treatment of dynamic wrinkles of the eyelids, avoiding the use of botulinum toxin.

There are other options that are made according to the patient’s condition. If the eyelid is fallen, is slightly raised outer point of the eyebrow.

Or, if your eyes are swollen, the bags are removed without touching the muscle without altering the appearance of the face. These techniques eliminate unwanted effects: round eyes, astonished look, etc.. Furthermore, after 3 days the stitches are removed.

Noses harmonious

A model contramano perfect nose, the new trend is the most prominent smooth without changing the features. One of the new treatments are Rinomodelación. It involves the application of biocompatible fillers and high adhesion.

Facelifts invisible

For greater firmness in the face, small incisions are made inside the ear.

Improve the smile

In persons who have the characteristic look of disgust or anger, indicates a small intervention on the corner of his mouth to raise it and give a more youthful appearance.