Skin type

It is natural that over the years, experienced some changes and the skin loses its elasticity, firmness and smoothness. It is also possible that this happens to young people if they do not provide the necessary skin care.

If you can identify your skin type, it is important to see a dermatologist, and I advise you to indicate the most appropriate product for you.

But skin care is not only related to skin type and creams we use it.

Dry Skin

Dull and rough skin with a tendency to peel. This tends to wrinkle more easily than oily skin.

The sun, air pollution and contribute to this effect to be severe. Increasingly dry skin care you need. In the morning will be required to treat these skin moisturizing and nourishing cream at night.

Sensitive Skin

This delicate little dry skin easily irritated and susceptible to an allergic reaction to cosmetics, perfumes or detergents. Atmosphere and climate change and cosmetics that do not fit can cause irritation, red skin and leaves are sometimes seen with blood vessels.

Normal skin

This leather has a smooth texture, no blackheads or open pores. Not oily or dry areas. People with this skin type need only basic beauty regime to keep the balance of nature. But no skin care without adequate food and the beauty of leather does not last long.

Combination Skin

Because dry skin and other such there is good fat, it is necessary to carry out routine maintenance which takes into account both: moisturizes dry zones and reduce sebum secretion in the fat.

Oily Skin

This leather is marked by an excess production of sebum and oils cause acne, open pores, blackheads and acne. Oily skin is very common in adolescence when hormonal changes that encourage overproduction.

The advantage of this is that the skin stay young longer.

This skin cleanser requires special care, lotion and cream suitable for skin types and prevent accumulation of dirt.