Side Effects Of Analgesics

According to DEA records (U.S.) more than 8500 deaths have occurred in the U.S. (2005) associated with the use of pain medication, an increase of 114 percent since 2001.

The sad thing, almost a third of drug abuse started with prescription drugs by doctors, 19 percent of which groups opioid.

Using 4 or more types of drugs prone to drug interactions. A term in the pharmacology of various drugs which will provide the adverse reactions of the user. No response bias was not sleeping, palpitations, even tellers and fainting. To determine the effect of drugs on the heart, regularly performed an EKG to be known is whether or not the effect on the heart.

Side Effects Demerol and other pain medications are anti-respiratory depression. This kind of narcotic drugs other than respiratory depression are also depressed circulation, shock and heart failure. If through intravenous injection will directly effect the respiratory center in the brain causes the breath to slow down and stop followed by heart failure. (cardiac arrest).

Demerol, including drugs, addictive like morphine and can be cumulative in the body to levels that cause harmful side effects seizures or tremors. When used in conjunction with alcohol or opioid groups will occur central nervous depression.

Also mentioned Jacky used oxycontin, a kind of anti-pain that comes from morphine-producing crops. Freund and Speyer (University of Frankfurt, 1916) make this compound from morphine-thebaine as a substitute for OxyContin, including the anti-pain opioid (narcotic) as well. Intended for moderate to severe pain. Preparations can hit off the pain slowly throughout the day.