Sex and Medicine


Sex before bedtime represent one of the best ways to ensure a good night’s sleep, according to a medical study has revealed.

But with a less romantic note, doctors also recommend sleeping in separate beds because it is the best solution to ensure that couples enjoy a good quality of sleep without any discomfort.

One of every six doctors in the survey about sex before bed, sleep in separate beds recommended after the procedure.

Physicians over 55 years were the most believers in sex as a way to help restful sleep and one third of physicians surveyed referred to the increase in the number of patients who are having trouble sleeping since the beginning of the recession .

Thus 82 per cent of physicians felt that people were risking their health by not getting a good quality of sleep and the survey revealed that 61 percent of doctors believe that people do not seek professional help or take measures to address health problems that disturb sleep, because they feel their condition is not serious enough.

Primary care physicians say, “only 21 percent of the population manages to comply with the recommendation of eight hours of sleep per night, with the recommendation of vital importance to health”.

“Sleep is a fundamental part of our welfare, that affect us in many ways, including energy levels, concentration and mood.