Saridon: The Win-Win Choice

Managing headaches have been made more convenient by Saridon. This is a brand of analgesic produced by Bayer Healthcare, a widely known global company that specializes in research and development of medical products. This drug has been reformulated and now consists of what is popularly called as the “triple action” ingredients—caffeine, propyphenazone, and paracetamol. The more significant of these are propyphenazone and paracetamol. Paracetamol has always been the most popular shield for mild pains and aches, yet it has one weakness: it doesn’t act as fast as most people would need or prefer. Bayer found a solution to this slow onset of paracetamol by putting in propyphenazone, whose composition makes it a fast-acting agent.  Caffeine, on the other hand, is a stimulant to keep the consumer alert even after taking the medicine; it is also known to be the best buffer of analgesics that contain paracetamol, thereby improving their efficacy.

Over the years, Saridon has gained popularity, especially among workers. Nowadays the quality of work that an employee needs to turn in is highly critical, and people want a pain reliever that can keep headaches from further interfering with their tasks. People have come to acknowledge this Bayer product as a trustworthy brand that delivers what it promises. And what it promises is this: long-lasting pain relief in as fast as fifteen minutes.

As to its safety, efficacy, and tolerability, studies have shown that Saridon is rated well. Patients of a study conducted in 1996—where the medicine was given for the treatment of dental aches—reported that the pain radically decreased in the one hour following the ingestion of the tablet. It diminished during the first fifteen minutes and more so in the forty-five minutes thereafter. And although the medicine was prescribed for seven days as needed, many stopped taking it by day four, reporting that the pain had completely gone away. This medication is also as safe as most over-the-counter drugs, having only the usual side effects. As for tolerability, studies have revealed that most patients dit not have any difficulty ingesting the tablet.

The positive reviews it has garnered come as no surprise. One consumer has recounted his experience that his lack of sufficient sleep almost always resulted to headaches, hindering him from working effectively; his solution to this is Saridon, as it takes effect in “no more than a few minutes.”

For persistent headaches, adults are encouraged to take one or two tablets; adolescents are advised to take only one tablet.