“Health is Wealth”!!! It means that if you are in proper physical condition then that’s considered to be your most important and valuable asset. An individual should never compromise with his/her health. Nutrition plays a very important role in determining how efficient an individual is. If an individual does not eat nutritious food then he might suffer from lack of Vitamin C, mental deficiencies, mouth, gum and tooth problems etc.

About Robert Pastore-His Profession

Robert Pastore is a very famous nutritionist in the city of New York. He has pursued his higher studies in biochemistry, human nutrition and nutrigenomics .He is a part of the Medical Consultant Board for New York City’s Sports Lab. He has worked with athletes from NBA, MLB, and NFL. He is a part of the American College of Nutrition and has taken up subjects like human nutrition, nutritional anthropology, insulin resistance and many more. He has made many public appearances through press conferences and explained people about concept of how important proper nutrition is. He stressed on the fact that slow healing and accelerate ageing was because of not having proper nutritious food.


Milk might be considered to be very nutritious but its reputation does not hold good among children and some adult people as well. Children simply cannot drink milk because they term it as a drink which is tasteless. Moreover a recent survey showed that around 100000 babies were suffering from milk allergies. Robert Pastore was of the opinion that these issues already prevailed but the reason that its getting highlighted now a days was due to the presence of more efficient methods of testing and to add to that doctors are also more advanced now a days and they know about the different symptoms which can lead to an allergy from milk.


He remembers that when he was growing up, every Sunday his faster used to cook for him a special kind of healthy food and the menu was known as “Neapolitan Menu” which is a Mediterranean diet. The dies would include fruits, legumes, meat, diary, olive oil and poultry. He is has persuaded many people about the benefits of olive oil including his friends, relatives and students. He stressed on the fact that the oil from flax and fish are beneficial to our cardiac muscle which keeps our heart in good shape apart from protecting us from many other diseases.