Relaxation and Meditation

Meditation and Relaxtation

He has shown that the relaxation and meditation produce physiological changes in their routine. There is plenty of evidence showing decreased breathing, reduces oxygen consumption and metabolic rate better.

There are many relaxation and meditation techniques that can take advantage and get all the benefits for our bodies. Special to combat stress, which is known to accelerate aging and disease risk.

You must choose a place as quiet as possible and free from interruptions or distractions, it is best to do well in the morning, when everyone was still asleep and not yet started human activity day, which can be very noisy.

This is find a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. The important thing is to feel comfortable and relaxed and to maintain the posture throughout the exercise. The position most often used for relaxation and meditation exercises sitting upright. This helps us to stay relaxed and alert at the same time.

Focusing on objects, photographs, a word or phrase to repeat. It is important to keep our minds focused on something all the time, thus requiring concentration for the mind and enter a trance-like in that limit is our mental capacity and concentration. We also can focus on things like breathing, action or certain parts of our body.

This is necessary to adopt a passive and receptive. Do not try to perfect concentration, we of course will have the disorder and very difficult to educate our minds to think about what we ask. strange thoughts come when you least expect it, but we accept them there to fight, but you only need to be aware. Through regular practice can achieve a state of pure concentration, but it requires a lot of practice.