Recognize Symptoms Of Stress

To understand the symptoms of stress, you just watch people, whether it’s in the doctor’s waiting room, at a meeting in the office, in a pub, or at home when relatives gather.
According to the book Cheek Stress, by Andrew Nichols, often, laughter, joy, stammering, many obscene words, and heated debate, all are signs of stress. Although people do not realize, all of these sights can also be a sign of stress.
– Legs crossed
– Your feet keep moving
– Squeezing, clenching his hands
– Wrinkling forehead and eyebrows
– Depressed eyes
– Hand playing nonstop hair, necklaces or buttons
– Continuing to smoke
– Continuing to drink coffee
– Mouth kept chewing
– Continually eating
To identify your own stress symptoms, stress symptoms noted that often you see, and compare it with the habits that often you do.