Produce Breast Milk

breast milk

As important as strengthening bond with our baby is feeding , so we must not only ensure contact during breastfeeding, but to ensure the quality of breast milk that we provide.

Mothers with experience know that the main thing for the generation of breast milk is much fluid intake. Therefore you should drink 4 glasses of water throughout the day to double the amount, and if your body needs milk production will be easier.

An important aspect for the generation of milk is to count on a quiet place to stay with your baby when breastfeeding, also, your rest is very important for good milk production.

If the baby does not empty your breasts to stop breastfeeding, your brain does not have the information you need to produce milk because the baby does not believe that you need more, if the baby does not take home employment enough, you must remove the remaining milk with liner .

Just as you have to take care of your rest, you can not forget your diet that should continue to be nutritious, because everything you eat the baby will be eating well.

Through breastfeeding baby is introduced to healthy eating , because through it conveys the flavors of foods, so that when they try their first meals will not be hard to remember the taste I had.

Enter your feed rate five meals a day and eating five servings of fruits and vegetables , breastfeeding wears much like going to the gym every day.

Milk quality
Foods that should be taken to improve the quality of milk , are the seeds, like sunflower, sesame, linseed , etc., as they have many nutrients.

Consume daily a yeast pill , it helps to increase milk production. It also incorporates in your pantry quinoa , which has many benefits and protein to help you produce the milk you need.

If you do not like quinoa, you eat with fruits and juices such as with apple, Menbrillo, or peach. The recipe is simple, just boil for 4 to 6 green apples with cinnamon and cloves a handful of quinoa (previously washed) for 20 to 30 minutes.

Once ready, the blended all, you pass through a sieve, add some sugar and it’s ready, a drink rich , healthy and nutritious.

The regular feeding is good for you and help you reduce the size of the uterus will also protect you from suffering any kind of cancer like breast or uterus.

While your baby is important because it will help the growth of healthy teeth and improve brain development .