Processed Foods Addictive

FoodsWhy when I grabbed a bag of chips or cookies can not stop eating until it’s gone?

exist neural circuits that are activated by certain foods that are associated with pleasure and desire. These foods called “neoalimentos”, which are the most concentrated starches, oils and refined sugars, are often the most tempting, because they activate these brain circuits and cause pleasure.

A result of this study comes a new trend for weight loss. Instead of reducing portions and counting calories, you have to choose foods with effect “not addictive”. Currently there is talk of “the paleodiet” in relation to food of our ancestors. This new model helps to not only lose weight but to combat heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and some cancers.

All this new trend is based on the free “The Paleo Diet” by Dr. Loren Cardain.

Basic principles:

– Cordain says that “our paleolithic ancestors were lean and free of heart disease and other health problems typical of the West.”

– The scientific premise is that our nutritional needs are “formed” for millions of years and are identical to those of men of the Stone Age.

Primitive man ate better meat, less salt and much more fiber especially that of the current society. So we do not need to eat candy, invoices, Fast-food, ie food addictive.

Why do we eat more most important thing when we want to lose weight is to count calories, but choose not addictive food.
While generally all foods are addictive, so eat them, they are in varying degrees.

This is how there are “favorite foods”. What circuits are addictive?. They are the ones that give some kind of reward in the act. They tend to be beneficial to the species and the individual, such as sex and eating. Nature has evolved with gratifying sensations trivial acts and that leads to its repetition. That’s the spirit of addiction.

And addictive foods, how they harm us?. Harm if we take excessive intake or energy expenditure exceeds contributors. Overfeeding in our ancestors was a prevention mechanism when the food supply was sporadic, caloric merely approach the problem is wrong. Calories do not stimulate or satisfy the addictive system.

Thing that should matter more than the calories, is why the body come in real biological purposes, did prehistoric or Paleodiet power is a new way to lose weight?

Proposal is a nutritional directed to the whole society, it is a proposal rationally sustainable food for healthy people do not develop or correct the effects of a diet that might find inappropriate.