Preview of the Global Medical Travel Service Offered by Satori World Medical

Acquiring a specialized surgical treatment is too expensive. This is a given fact that people already know. Due to this, many people find themselves in big trouble whenever they or their loved ones need a certain surgical operation, therapy, or any other kind of medical treatment. Knowing that any of these requires high-end facilities and utmost expertise of a medical professional, healthcare facilities in the United States as well as in other parts of the world took advantage of the great demand by providing these kinds of services.

One of those medical facilities is Satori World Medical. With the help of this company, patients will no longer need to worry on finding reliable medical services at a very affordable cost. This global healthcare network offers medical travel service for those who wish to travel abroad and undergo the necessary specialized medical treatment in their affiliate hospitals, without hurting much their budget. The company’s strong connection of an array of hospitals and healthcare facilities in different countries are all holding the accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI) and are International Centers of Excellence. Other than their superior quality of medical services provided, these hospitals are also guaranteed to provide exceptional customer care at reasonable rates.

The medical travel service of Satori basically features the outstanding performance of its Travel Care Coordinators and Nurse Patient Advocates. Among the main responsibilities of the Travel Care Coordinators is the arrangement and processing of all the necessary transactions regarding the patient’s travel, both by land and by air. On the other hand, the Nurse Patient Advocates of Satori World Medical are the ones that are tasked to make sure that the patient is in safe medical condition before the scheduled flight. To do this, they schedule a follow-up visit with the US-based physician of the patient, a few days prior to travel. They are also in charge of handling the transfer of records, confirmation of the insurance firm approval, and providing assistance in the patient’s selection of an appropriate hospital and medical expert for the service he needs.

Aside from assisting the client on everything he needs for safe and convenient overseas travel, Satori World Medical also assigns a local concierge host to transport the patient while in the foreign place. After the patient’s medical treatment and recovery, this host will then provide all the necessary travel assistance prior to his travel back to his hometown.