Pay Attention to Your Cravings

The urge to devour something is much more than a ravenous hunger signal. It’s a window into your nutritional needs and surprise! Also your personality.

Who of us has not experienced?. There are studies that talk about it and say that a lot has to do with our personalities. Here we tell you that you can learn from you every time you start gruñirte stomach.

When you crave something salty.

WHAT YOUR BODY SAYS. If nothing pleases you more than a salty chips, you may have a mineral deficiency. One possible reason is that sodium increases, temporarily, calcium levels in the blood, which tricks the body into thinking that the problem is solved.

WHAT IT SAYS DE VOS. You go with the flow. Studies claim that salty lovers are people with “external control force”, ie think are variables outside their own actions and not what they control their destiny.

When you crave chocolate.

WHAT DOES YOUR BODY. Lead to the release of serotonin. It is an antidepressant dessert disguised as your body seeks when chemicals that contribute to feeling of happiness have basic levels and lift you need anything immediately.

WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT YOU. It depends on what kind of chocolate you prefer. Black: you’re very sociable and sometimes critical piece. With milk: sos quiet, introspective.

When you crave something spicy.

WHAT DOES YOUR BODY. If it costs you lower the temperature, your body may be asking for something to transpire. This would explain why the super-spicy food in warm places.

WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT YOU. You are a perfectionist by nature. You love order, hate wasting time and focus on the details.
When you crave something sweet.

WHAT IT SAYS ON YOUR cuepo. Indicates the need to improve your mood or just be under your energy level.

WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT YOU. Loa sugar lovers tend to be a little wild. They also like to stand out and feel special.

When you crave something sweet and salty.

WHAT IT SAYS ON YOUR BODY. Your body needs glucose and sodium to function well. So when you walk loose cells, Looking for this combination.

WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT YOU. People who believe that a chip with melted chocolate salt is the most delicious in the world tend to be creative, but keep your privacy to the point of being retracted.