Paul Frymoyer: Beyond Medical Practice

While there are a lot of benefits that a medical doctor can acquire through medical missions, the most important thing they do during these trips is the opportunity to give back to the global community. As they use their skills and training, they are able to treat the illnesses of the people who have little medical attention and somehow alleviate their bodily pain. Plus, the physicians are also able to connect with different people and learn from their experiences so that they can widen their knowledge and understanding of patient care. Dr. Paul Frymoyer is one of the many doctors from New York who is dedicated to medical missions and raise awareness regarding proper and basic health care. He has been coming back and forth to Malawi, Africa for years to provide medical assistance to several remote areas in the country as well as to practice medicine in a different context.

In one of his medical trips in Lilongwe a few years ago, Dr. Frymoyer together with his wife and a small group of medical students were able to provide medical care for hundreds of people in a couple of days. The natives were excited about the visit of the medical team and they even prepared a song and dance number as well to welcome them. They definitely want to get to know more about their visitors and really wishing to have their diseases checked up by the Manlius physician and nephrologist. Although Dr. Frymoyer find hid medical missions fully rewarding, he couldn’t help but pity those people because they have little resources to afford medical care in hospitals. This touched the heart of the doctor and his team, as they get to witnessed how many people suffer from a disease that they do not know well, much more on how to cure them. So, he led the medical operations and inspires his team to double their efforts in assisting him in the mission as they started treating hundreds of people every day.

There are many experiences which Paul Frymoyer found memorable during his several trips to Africa. While he has medical practice as a primary goal in mind, he did not forget his mission as a human being to help and nurture other people’s health. Apart from performing medical practice, his team had also visited some hospitals in Lilongwe in which he encountered a number of moving life stories. The care givers in the hospital are so experienced and skilled that it amazed him the most. The highlight of visit was when he discovered that these care givers did not have formal school trainings and certification to be officially called as nursing assistants. It is because in the US, nursing assistants are required to finish two to four years of nursing care training to take the licensure exam. However, the health care staff in Lilongwe hospital was skilled enough to perform many clinical duties and responsibilities like HIV-testing. Dr. Paul Frymoyer realized that experience plays the most significant part in achieving success in one’s career. Education and formal trainings are just there to support these goals and make improvements happen.

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