Omega 3 Essential For Eye Health Care

Omega 3 Essential For Eye Health CareThe lack of Omega 3 in the diet increases the incidence of Ocular Surface Disease.

The increasingly high number of patients with dry eye, allergy and other manifestations of acute and chronic irritant to the outer surface of the eye, has made the ocular surface diseases are now one of the most frequent reasons for consultation daily ophthalmological practice.

It is estimated that in general, dry eye occupies 40% of ophthalmologic consultations and allergic symptoms by 22%, while rates influenced by the action of natural and manmade environmental changes and pollution.

This high incidence, has placed the ocular surface as a major pole of attraction for current ophthalmic research.

This dietary supplement based on fish oil (Omega 3), lutein, vitamin E, C, copper and zinc, helps prevent and reduce the risk of disease associated with dry eye area, while improving by 85% the symptoms of patients with this disease, after two months of treatment.