Nutrients that Help You be Successful in Studies


In a previous article we talked about what your brain needs to function at full capacity. In this article we will learn about three types of essential nutrients to help intellectual efficiency. So if you are studying for your masters in health administration, or any other related field, then make sure to be aware of the following nutrients.

B Complex
This group of vitamins maintains and protects the nervous system functions (at the head of which is the brain). Moreover, these vitamins make it possible for the energy of the food you eat is used in the body’s cells.

They are also related to the balance of emotional state. This nutrient-rich foods are: grains (bread fresh rice) sprouts (eg wheat germ), meats and dairy.

Phosphorus, iron and potassium
This is a popular secret, but it has scientific basis. These three nutrients promote the functioning of neurons in different ways, such as oxygenation, allowing the passage of food to them and reinforcing their membranes (the slat that protects and allows the passage of the electrical impulse which is the information).

Foods rich in these nutrients are: fish (especially dark meat), red meat and offal (but not abuse of the latter two because of their high cholesterol content), legumes (lentils, beans, butter beans, chickpeas), bananas and oranges.

Antioxidants will allow precisely maintain the integrity (ie, maintain healthy) these membranes and to counteract the harmful effects of pollutants, which are abundant in contemporary life, the damage.

Many antioxidants found in all fruits and vegetables. Some are helping a lot of citrus, as they contain a moderate amount of calories but rich in antioxidants and potassium, which we have seen, especially aid to the proper functioning of the brain.