Natural products to fight stress

stressA lot of people suffer or suffered an episode of stress throughout your life and it is an evil that has spread to more people in modern society as increasingly early ages. There are methods to control symptoms and return to a normal life.

Usually it is commonly thought that stress is worrying about something timely, however, this is not true, because stress disrupts the nervous system and is a far deeper malady that a state of tension.

The truth is that people who suffer from stress suffer from an imbalance in your nervous system and endocrine systems.

The adrenalin generated by the endocrine system while suffering from a stress episode occurs both physiological and biological changes in the body. Thus, the body tries to respond to a demand that exceeds that referred to their resources and at some point this state of stress affecting health.

This type of coercion that supports the body is reflected in muscle tension, especially in the spine and neck. If these conditions are spread over time can lead to serious problems such as tachycardia, headache, low intellectual performance, irritability, trouble sleeping, and so on.

The best way to control both symptoms of stress as a return to a normal life is through relaxation exercises, either making them yourself or by substances that may help.

It is advisable to try natural products to no side effects. The appropriate approach is a combination of natural products with vitamin B in their composition, with relaxation therapies.

Herbology is a type of natural medicine that works with remedies made from herbs such as valerian, sage, passionflower, hawthorn and rosemary, among others. Valerian is recommended for excited states because it has sedative properties and can sleep easily

Passionflower has already calming effect because it works on the nervous system, enhancing the palpitations, cramps and hypertension.

Hawthorn helps improve muscle spasms, also is an excellent soothing and acts effectively improve sleep problems.

Finally, food can also help to improve the state of stress is desirable eating whole grains, fruits like orange, apple and melon, vegetables such as broccoli, radishes and lettuce.