Music for Sleeping


Music for sleep has proven very effective for relaxing and promote rest. According to several studies of older people with sleep problems 35% experienced improvement in their sleep after 45 minutes start listening to soft music and relaxing just before bedtime. Sometimes in the daily rhythm sleep costs us.

Hui-Ling Lai and Marion Good sleep patterns studied 60 people aged between 60 and 83 years. They were divided randomly into two groups of 30 subjects each. A group therapy was applied, and the other does not. In the results of their studies was that the music I had heard they were sleeping better sleep, improved heart rate and breathing less hectic.

Not only older people benefit at any age. Babies sleeping music, soft helps them sleep. A good rest is important for the proper development of babies, by this soft music can be an ally for your baby to sleep well.

If you like music you can relax and bring a gift, click on the image, you can access for free to hear beautiful sounds designed to relax and ease your break. You sounds of ocean waves, birds singing, rain, crickets, sounds of flute, wind. You can combine with each other, close your eyes and you seem to be elsewhere.