Mouse Can Also Send the User’s Health Information

Currently almost every part of our work using computer operations. For these people, this mouse may be useful, because they can pay attention to their health while working.

Life’s Click is a mouse designed by Chiu Chi Tat & Tsoi Man Hey who has a heart rate indicator. When the user holding the mouse, your thumb and palm will touch sensors in the mouse and the sensor will begin to detect the user health. This mouse also features a LCD which can inform the user’s heartbeat and other health information.

For those who wish to obtain special treatment or special monitoring of their health, this mouse can also send the user’s health information to hospital or to a specific phone number via a PC network. This mouse can also remind users how long they have worked, so that workers can take a break to recover stamina after a long tired working at the computer.

But we still have to be patient to get to try it, because this mouse has not been marketed and will be circulated for some time to come.