Morning After Pill

Sometimes taking care of yourself requires the occasional doctor visit. But many times you’re just showing up to get a note for a pharmacy visit. Its like going to visit a master chef to get an approved shopping list for food.

For the most part it’s absurd. A new medical problem or a radical change in your symptoms, reactions or other anomalies dictate a face to face doctor visit for in depth discussion about the condition or situation or for more radical examination than just words could ever accomplish.

A U.K. trained doctor specialising in sexual health, began building an online business replacing traditional face-to-face doctor to patient interfacing with remote and online medical services.

This made it easier for patients to receive care that didn’t need an office visit or care they would not normally seek because of the practice and procedure involved. This is especially true of social medicine products like contraceptives and personal goal medicines like Champix to help patients to stop smoking.

The online doctor service was successful with their endeavors and the Champix product can now be dispensed by using your Internet connection. This prescription only medicine can triple your chances of quitting smoking successfully and now you don’t need to visit your doctor or local pharmacist to fill a prescription. Convenience plus the ability to easily compare prices online will save you money.

Oral contraceptive pill prescriptions are now available online as well. Currently you will need an existing prescription from the initial examining doctor to be able to remove the inconvenience and hassle of obtaining supplies of the pill when purchasing your renewal online.

The standard contraceptive pill can be renewed as long as you are not requesting a change in brand or dosage, you are happy with the results of the pill, and there have been no irregularities, you can obtain a three month supply of your current prescription simply by processing the order online from the privacy of your computer.

The latest morning after pill is now able to be prescribed by Internet Doctors, once these licensed doctors have confirmed it’s usage will be appropriate to the purchasers expectations. Up to a triple pack can be posted to you immediately after this interaction with the actual doctor. Its not only a cost savings, it’s an embarrassing moment for some and the direct post shields the requesters privacy.

The Internet pharmaceutical web sites are now providing a wide range of remote medical services and products to patients all over the country, as entrepreneurial Medical Doctors partner with government health and private organisations to recast regulations that tend to keep some revolutionary new medical procedures and opportunities in the dark ages.

The body of research evidence showing that patient-driven, remotely overseen medical care and pharmaceutical distribution via post is safe, and leads to better health for people in the U.K. As new systems of interaction and interfacing with the broadband data network, expect many advances in medical intervention and diagnosis over the Internet. Some expensive commercial services are already starting to trickle down to the medical consumer level.