More Vegetables,Less Acne

More Vegetables,Less AcneBesides being a basic nutritional component of any diet that described themselves as healthy diet, the vegetables are very rich in properties. By having a high nutritional value, vegetables become an essential resource for good food, and if you want to detoxify your stomach and make sure you give your body what it needs, best seen by those carrots.

But the benefits of the plant will not stay there. In fact, the vegetables are completely beneficial action for our skin, as demonstrated by a Norwegian study by researchers at the University of Oslo in collaboration with other institutions to verify that plants reduce acne.

In the research the scientists worked with teenagers of eighteen and nineteen years of age, who were asked to follow a diet based on vegetable consumption to test their effect on your skin.

After completion of the period stipulated for the diet, study participants perceived a significant reduction of acne, mainly due to the antioxidant and toning vegetables.

This is not the only way to eliminate acne naturally, and indeed there are many ways to fight acne naturally (natural face masks are a good example). However, a diet rich in vegetables are not only helping to shake off those pesky pimples, but also contribute to your good diet.